ONA17 tech sessions for developers and non-tech folks alike!

You don’t have to be a developer or know how to code in order to enjoy these sessions. With opportunities to learn coding basics in unconventional ways, gain a greater understanding of how to test newsroom products and a hands-on session to build your very own chatbot (with no coding involved!), there’s something in this…  Read More

How to dig into business revenue and ethics issues at ONA17

As newsrooms seek new ways to generate revenue and gain reach, they’re turning to tried-and-true models and new approaches to sustain their work. Below are the sessions that engage business revenue and ethics issues, great for entrepreneurs and journalists alike who want to better understand how the machine works. Got questions for our speakers? Leave…  Read More

Career-building sessions at ONA17 that will help you reach your goals

If you’re coming to ONA17 to level up your career, you won’t want to miss these talks. From lessons on how to navigate early- or mid-career challenges to recruiting diverse newsroom talent, check out these sessions to accelerate your learning curve and achieve your goals. Got questions for our speakers? Leave them at the bottom…  Read More

Leveling up your audio, video, photo and immersive skills at ONA17

If you’re a producer, podcaster or broadcaster — or interested in becoming one —you won’t want to miss these sessions at ONA17 that will help you get up to speed on today’s best practices, including how to create 360 content without breaking the bank, what you need to know in order to pull off a…  Read More

Leveling up your audience engagement skills at ONA17

Building community and trust in journalism are some of the biggest challenges our industry must overcome in today’s climate. At ONA17, you’ll hear about how you can improve the ways you engage with audiences as well as how you measure those interactions. We highly recommend that you take a look at the full ONA17 schedule,…  Read More