Ask ONA speakers questions in advance!

Help shape the conversations at ONA17! For the second year, we’re using Hearken to connect you to speakers in advance of the conference. This is your opportunity to ask some of the top minds in journalism questions about all things digital. The more questions you (and your digital journalism friends) submit, the better our speakers can tailor their talks to what you care about most.

If you’re curious about an emerging trend, want to know more about a topic or are hoping that speakers will dig into a specific issue during their sessions, now’s your chance to post a question.

We’ve embedded question forms on posts about each track topic. To see them, just go to one of these pages and you can post your question directly on the ONA17 site:

How does it work?

Here’s an example: if you’re an audience engagement editor, you might take a look at the Audience Engagement and Analytics track, where we’ve rounded up all the relevant sessions on that topic. Maybe you’ve been working on your Instagram strategy, and since you see there’s a session that addresses just that, you leave a question like: “How do I keep a consistent voice on our Instagram feed if some stories are light and others are hard-hitting investigative pieces?” ONA will ensure that the speakers for this session will see these questions, so they can address them during their session.

We’re looking forward to seeing your questions!

Laura handles ONA's public communications. She is also a journalist, photographer and copyeditor and prides herself on her ability to perform nearly any task in a newsroom. She lives in Los Angeles.