Innovative Solutions to Drive Meaningful, Measurable Audience Engagement [Midway]

Learn how to connect with and empower your audience from four panelists sharing their varied experiences in creating meaningful, measurable engagements. Hear best practices, lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, and more. If you are trying to expand your reader/viewer/listenerships and build loyalty in purposeful and novel ways, this is a panel for you.

Moderator: Anjanette Delgado, Digital Director and Head of Audience for Gannett's and markets.


  • Melissa Anderson is the Co-Founder & CEO of Public Good, a digital marketplace that connects people to local causes and nonprofits.
  • Julia Haslanger is the Engagement Consultant for Hearken, a company that helps newsrooms listen to their audiences.
  • Rebekah Monson is the Co-Founder of, a local media startup that connects people to their cities through storytelling and experiences.
  • Matt Nupen is the Co-Founder of InsertLearning, an extension that lets you turn websites into interactive lessons.

  • Please note: This talk is adjacent to the Midway, in Washington Room 6