Everything You Need to Code, You Learned in Kindergarten

Learn coding concepts like elementary schoolers learn them: through interactive games and activities that will get you out of your chair, instead of by watching slides and typing unknown symbols into a text editor. You’ll learn programming concepts such as loops, types, variables, syntax, and if/then statements that translate to any language. You’ll leave with a list of resources for starting to program in the language best suited for your needs.

This session is designed for:

  • People who think they want to learn code, but need a confidence boost to get them pointed in the right direction
  • If you identify as a “math hater” and think you could never learn to program, this session will change your mind!
  • Anyone thinking they might have to get code across to others, looking for a new approach. Product managers, we’re looking at you!
  • Speaker Resources


    Lindsey Cook - Digital Skills Editor, The New York Times
    @lindzcook | http://nytimes.com

    Ashlyn Still - Graphics Developer, Reuters
    @ashlynstill | http://ashlynstill.com

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