Podcast Search Party: Casting for New Listeners

The moment has arrived! Podcasts are finally getting the widespread attention they deserve. You’ve got a hell of an idea for a podcast, a sweet microphone setup and a soothing, melodious voice. But … how do people find your podcast in the first place? There are so many out there, and so few tools for discovery. Getting your content to listeners is widely recognized as a steep hurdle for podcasters, so we’ve assembled some of the most creative podcast marketing minds we could find to share their tips and tricks. Be prepared for candid advice, creative ideas and maybe even more bad, audio-related puns.

This session is designed for:

  • People thinking about podcasting, even if you haven’t kicked off your idea yet, so that you’re armed with the knowledge you need when you’re ready
  • Those who have a podcast, and are looking to get their content to new people
  • Newsrooms curious about podcast swag, meetups, chat forums and other ideas for connecting with your audience beyond just pushing that content out

Speaker Resources


Dan Franks - Founder, Podcast Movement
@dmfranks | http://PodcastMovement.com

Steele Saunders - Producer / Host, Steele Wars Podcast & I Love Green Guide Letters Podcast
@steelesaunders | http://steelesaunders.com

Caitlin Thompson - US Director of Content, Acast
@caitlin_thomps | http://acast.com


Michael O'Connell - Senior Digital Editor, Federal News Radio
@FrolixMike | http://itsalljournalism.com

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