Under the Hood: Innovative Projects with Small Teams

Our Under the Hood sessions offer a deep dive into bold ideas and are led by all types of newsroom leaders.

In this unconventional format, we’ll start with lightning talks on inspired projects in local newsrooms, and what it takes to get them done even when resources may be limited.

From there, you can choose your own adventure. Pick one of the ideas that piques your interest, then hear how they made it work. This will include real talk about what wasn’t working and tips for tackling big projects.

The topics are:

  • Zone 1: Surviving and thriving in a shrinking newsroom - Amy Wu
  • Zone 2: Instagram is more than pretty photos: Nail your strategy - Caren Roblin
  • Zone 3: Crafting explanatory multimedia news for high school educators and students - Matthew Green
  • Zone 4: Creating nationally-recognized stories in a small newsroom - Tony Elkins, Emily Le Coz

  • This session is designed for:

  • Reporters from smaller news teams who want to tackle big projects, even if time or money are scarce
  • Anyone on a small team -- we know sometimes tiny teams in large institutions face similar resource challenges
  • Those with an interest in innovative, local news projects

  • Speakers

    Tony Elkins - Director of Innovation, GateHouse Media
    @telkinsjr | http://instagram.com/telkinsjr

    Matthew Green - Digital Producer, KQED Education
    @kqedlowdown | http://ww2.kqed.org/lowdown

    Emily Le Coz - National Data Projects Editor, GateHouse Media
    @emily_lecoz | http://gatehousemedia.com

    Caren Roblin - Director of Content, Sierra Nevada Media Group/Swift Communications
    @carenroblin | http://facebook.com/carenroblin

    Amy Wu - Senior Reporter, The Salinas Californian
    @wu_salnews | http://linkedin.com/in/amyhwu


    Erika Owens