ONA U: Student Mini Conference at American University [Sponsored]

ONA U is a new mini-conference geared toward journalism students and young professionals looking for practical career and networking advice as they enter the workforce and begin their first jobs in journalism. The evening sessions will bring attendees to American University's School of Communication for a few hours of learning, training and networking the night before the main conference starts.

Our conference will be packed with great sessions for you, including:

  • Brand Yourself: How to Build Your Online Portfolio
  • Breaking In and Standing Out: Finding and Maximizing Opportunities as a Student
  • Landing the Job: Interviewing, Negotiating and Connecting in the Digital World
  • Snap, Gram and Stream: Using Social Media to Promote, Source and Tell Stories
  • We Made It: Tales from the New Newsroom

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See the ONA U website for a full list of speakers


Amy Eisman - Director Media Entrepreneurship & Special Programs, American University School of Communication
@aeisman | http://american.edu/profiles/staff/aeisman.cfm

Jeremiah Patterson - Instructor of Journalism, American University School of Communication
@jerpatter | http://jeremiahnpatterson.com