Playful Tech in the J-School Classroom

“We don’t do math, but we do play.” This session on technology development and diversity is aimed at journalism school educators. See technology projects from a range of classrooms and hear how educators are working to engage journalism students in developing interactive projects with VR, mobile games and news apps. You’ll learn how to bring a diverse group of students together -- even those who feel like “tech isn’t for them” -- for technical projects specifically curated to their interests.

This session is designed for:

  • Journalism educators looking to overcome the hurdle of technical documentation and tutorials that can be off-putting for students
  • Educators looking for inspiration and new ideas in their classrooms or students
    J-school leaders wanting to create a more inclusive program for students
  • Speaker Resources


    Katherine Hepworth - Assistant Professor of Visual Journalism, University of Nevada, Reno
    @khepworth |

    Juli James - Lecturer, University of North Texas
    @wakeuplaughing |

    Mindy McAdams - Professor, University of Florida
    @macloo |

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