Stories are the New Story: Making Vertical Content Work

Vertical content -- think Snapchat Discover or Instagram and Facebook Stories -- is becoming ubiquitous. We’ll dive into a mix of theory and practical tips for getting your stories out in vertical, mixed media formats. We’ll address reader behavior patterns such as eye movement, content placement and story timing, and combine this with practical tips for story structure. We’ll also share and demonstrate templates we’ve developed for creating vertical content that includes a mix of text, graphics and video.

This session is designed for:

  • Anyone interested in creating vertical, mixed media stories for Instagram, Snapchat Discover or other platforms
  • Product team members looking for some inspiration on templates and design
  • Speaker Resources


    Fernanda Braune-Brackenrich - Snapchat Producer and Editor, The New York Times
    @nandabraune |

    Jake Grovum - US Social Media Editor, The Financial Times
    @jgrovum |

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