The Art of Getting Sh** Done

The Art of Getting Shit Done – this discussion would cover a range of topics, from career advancement to audience development and launching products. All with the idea of how to arm yourself for success in a business rife with small and big obstacles (whether personal or professional, or that tricky space in-between). This would…  Read More

Marketing Automation for Media Companies

Marketing automation is changing the marketing landscape, as the ability to email or send push notifications to customers and readers automatically, based on their interests, behavior, or personal data, enables companies to grow their audiences and improve retention and loyalty. While retail and B2B companies have begun embracing marketing automation, most media companies have been…  Read More

Women and the Future of News

Women and the Future of News looks at model efforts to create and capture audiences of women for news. Moderated by the New York Times’s Marie Tessier, author of “Suffragist: Women, the Web and the Future of Democracy,” from MIT Press, forthcoming 2017. Guests will include leaders of women’s enclave news communities that combine the…  Read More

The value of the reader: a spotlight on new approaches to newsroom sustainability

More aggressively than in any time in recent history, newsrooms are exploring alternate revenue streams to advertising. This is not only because it’s a solution built for scale, but because during a time of rampant misinformation there is currency in trust. Building a relationship with readers, and asking for their support as members or subscribers,…  Read More

Top Secret: how to navigate the world of classified information

Whether it’s the most recent development in the Trump-Russia relationship, or a matter of conflicts of interest or national security, reporting on clandestine affairs has become even more so challenging in recent months. In a world of leaked documents and alternative facts, reporters must handle top-secret information with the utmost care. Hear from some of…  Read More

Making the case for reader support

“After an election year like no other, and with a president who has declared an all-out war on the media, those hungry for fact-based reporting are flocking to engage with journalism in new ways, including providing financial support. In Summer 2016, Mother Jones began a new appeal to its readers for funding expository investigative journalism.…  Read More