Under the Hood: 5 Takes on Revenue

Our Under the Hood sessions offer a deep dive into bold ideas led by newsrooms of all types.

In this unconventional format, we’ll start with lightning talks on five revenue models for news. From there, you can choose your own adventure and pick the approach that you find most interesting to get a more detailed look at how it’s been implemented.

Topics covered include:

  • Zone 1: Monthly subscriptions for a wide variety of news content with Scroll – Tony Haile
  • Zone 2: Earning revenue with content licensing – Kate Myers
  • Zone 3: All-digital premium subscription models with STAT Plus – Angus Macauley
  • Zone 4: Readers support real journalism when given the chance. Here’s how newsrooms worked together to launch membership programs, with lessons learned from the News Revenue Hub - Jason Alcorn, Jenna Mallette, Ben Nishimoto, Aaron Sharockman
  • Zone 5: Develop a strong ad products team & facilitate newsroom collaboration – Jeff Burkett, Nina Lassam, Erica Osher

  • This session is designed for:

  • Newsroom leaders interested in a big-picture look at revenue models
  • Those who may be looking for inspiration for new revenue streams
  • Anyone with a general interest in what’s working to bring more $$ into news right now
  • Speaker Resources


    Jason Alcorn - Nonprofit News Consultant,
    @jasonalcorn | http://jasalc.com

    Jeff Burkett - VP, Ad Innovations, USA TODAY
    @burk504 | http://USATODAY.COM

    Nina Lassam - Sr. Director, The New York Times

    Angus Macauley - Chief Revenue Officer, STAT
    @angusmacaulay | http://statnews.com

    Jenna Mallette - Chief Operating Officer, Rivard Report

    Kate Myers - Executive Director, Revenue and Operations, First Look Media Works / The Intercept / Field of Vision
    @Thekatemyers | http://Theintercept.com

    Ben Nishimoto - Director of Philanthropy, Honolulu Civil Beat
    @Ben_Nishimoto | http://civilbeat.org

    Erica Osher - Director of Sponsorship Products, National Public Media
    @eosher | http://nationalpublicmedia.com

    Aaron Sharockman - Executive Director, Politifact
    @asharock | http://politifact.com


    Andrew Losowsky - Project Lead, The Coral Project
    @losowsky | http://losowsky.com