KEYNOTE: Fireside Chat with Medium CEO Ev Williams

When Medium arrived on the web, it offered a number of intriguing features: a publishing platform that existed somewhere between a tweet and a blog post; a stab at fixing broken feedback systems like internet comments; and a web-based home for thoughtful posts that might otherwise be found in newspaper op-ed pages. Since then, Medium has engineered a more powerful CMS, developed partnerships with major media companies, and continues to test a variety of revenue models aimed at serving both Medium and its publishing partners.

Join founder and CEO Ev Williams – interviewed by WNYC's Manoush Zomorodi – who will discuss making strategic calls in an entrepreneurial environment; the evergreen question of digital revenue; and creating web content that incentivizes thoughtful reading and engaging dialogue in an age of information overload.


Ev Williams - Founder & CEO, Medium
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Manoush Zomorodi - Host, Note to Self, WNYC Studios
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