Sharing Data and Insights for More Engaging Local Journalism

Data journalism is becoming more important to the way organizations cover the news. The right data set can lead to stories we couldn’t tell otherwise and help us tell familiar stories in new ways. As “fake news” and “alternative facts” become more common, data can give readers an opportunity to accept or debate news findings in an informed way.

This session is designed for:

  • Reporters, editors and developers looking for ways to make data more accessible to journalists within your newsroom
  • Audience engagement specialists looking to more effectively engage your readers around data
  • Anyone interested in knowing when AP is developing a national data set for which you can produce a related local story using AP’s data
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    Meghan Hoyer - Data Editor, The Associated Press
    @meghanhoyer |

    Troy Thibodeaux - Data Science and News Applications Editor, The Associated Press
    @tthibo |

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