Find Information Better: New Ways to Research and Access Information [Midway]

There's data available about seemingly every subject imaginable. But how do you know what is reliable and what sort of verification should you be seeking? Comparing human vs. machine-gathered information adds another layer to these questions. This session looks at how data and journalism play a role in our post-truth society and the surprising and incongruous ways that journalists are finding and sharing information — and how that will look in the future.

Moderator: Nancy Watzman, Managing Editor of the TV News Archive at the Internet Archive and Director of Strategic Initiatives for Dot Connector Studio .


  • Justin Varilek, Hack Pack, a network that connects journalists, fixers, photographers, videographers, editors and experts in more than 135 countries.
  • James Gray,, a repository of data sets and users working together to analyze and extract meaning.
  • Mike Philips,Vigilant, a tool that allows you to search and monitor hundreds of public record databases simultaneously.

  • Please note: This talk is adjacent to the Midway, in Washington Room 6


    Mike Philips

    James Gray

    Social Conversation