$$$: Emerging Technologies to Monetize Your Content [Midway]

Monetizing your online news content goes well beyond creating ad spaces on your websites. If you are trying to figure out how to diversify your income strategy, be sure to check out this session. Learn about gamification and behavior modification, using artificial intelligence, how social media is more that what it seems, and more.

Moderator: David CohnSenior Director, Alpha Group at Advance Publications


  • Dan Grech is Vice-President of Marketing and Public Relations at Offercraft, whose behavior modification software leverages human psychology and data analysis to make incentives more fun, motivating, and profitable.
  • Chris Hart is the Founder & CEO of True Anthem, an AI-Powered content distribution platform helping publishers drive revenue via social media.
  • Jim Anderson is the CEO of SocialFlow, which offers software that connects paid, owned and earned social media strategies.

  • Please note: This talk is adjacent to the Midway, in Washington Room 6

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