Immersive Journalism 101 in the Midway

In response to participant and attendee feedback, we’ve changed the Midway programming approach for ONA17 to give attendees more insider information and best practices. This year will feature 10 panel discussions highlighting Midway participants’ areas of expertise, unique data, research and industry analysis. No pitches, no fluff. 

Noon-1 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 5: “Deep Dive into Immersive Journalism: Learn how, why, and best practices.” This unique discussion will inspire you to approach immersive journalism in new ways. If you or your outlet have been thinking about how to get started creating immersive experiences but aren’t sure how or have concerns about the costs and equipment associated, this will all be addressed! Speakers:

  • Jernej Mirt,  VIAR, start-up CMS for virtual reality that allows you to create an interactive experience for your audience with fewer resources.

    Overview of the story from Viar360 editor canvas
  • Corentin MetgySketchfab, the largest platform for immersive and interactive 3D with more than one million users.
  • Max Richter,  Insta360, a series of pocket-sized consumer and professional 360 cameras that can easily connect to livestream programs on YouTube, Facebook Live and Periscope.
  • The University of Maryland will be on hand talking about their amazing developments in immersive journalism from the academic perspective.

    Students at UMD creating VR experiences
  • Roy Peer, founder of Stimuli VR, will talk about accessibility of VR headsets.

    Stimuli VR headset

Be sure to stop by each of these panelists’ booths for demos in the Midway,  and also plan to attend this session for a different perspective on immersive journalism.