Midway panel: Doing more with less

We’ve changed the Midway programming approach for ONA17 to give attendees more insider information and best practices. This year will feature 10 panel discussions highlighting Midway participants’ areas of expertise, unique data, research and industry analysis — no pitches, no fluff.

Maximizing the value of your journalism with fewer resources in a multi-platform world

Thursday, Oct. 5, 1-2  p.m.

Does your news organization find itself in a crunch of new content, but feeling like it’s on a hamster wheel of productivity: lacking the resources to do more, feeling like good material isn’t getting exposed; struggling to get content out to multiple platforms? Your readers are probably feeling a similar sentiment; a barrage of information coming at them yet still struggling to find value added content. If this resonates, then this session is for you. Our two panelists come from vastly different backgrounds but know how to take the work that you already have and make it accessible and discoverable.


  • Austin Smith, CEO of Alley Interactive, a digital studio that specializes in software development, data visualization, audience research, user experience, visual design and strategy services. Austin is also a Lenfest Institute Entrepreneur-in-residence, researching new revenue and distribution models for local news.
  • Example of Trint’s transcription software

    Jeff Kofman, Co-founder and CEO of Trint, a text-based toolkit for transcribing, searching, editing and sharing media content online. Jeff is a journalist-turned-entrepreneur, an Emmy-winning former ABC News foreign correspondent and war correspondent.

Be sure to stop by these booths in the Midway to learn more and check out demos of their work as well.