[RSVP] Not a Year Off - How Fellowships Can Build Skills and Capacity for your Newsroom [Sponsored by Knight Wallace]

When you’re managing a lean and overstretched news organization, it’s hard to fathom granting leave to a valued staffer to pursue a fellowship. But finding a way to make it work could be just what you need to develop and retain top talent. The Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists at the University of Michigan invites you to our ONA Leadership Breakfast to talk with news managers about the value proposition of fellowships.

We’ll update you on how the Knight-Wallace Fellowships work to address the needs of journalism today. In addition to building depth around coverage topics and issues, your reporters, editors and managers can use a fellowship to develop skills in business and management, data and analytics, design and development, engagement and presentation. And they can bring everything they’ve learned back to share with you and their peers. At a time when raises and promotions are hard to grant, training and development are tough to provide and competition for talent is fierce, a fellowship can be a valuable tool in career development. Come find out how to make a Knight-Wallace Fellowship work for you.

Please note: A full breakfast will be served. RSVP is required and the event is currently full. You can sign up for the waitlist here. If you are on the waitlist and a spot opens up, we will notify you in advance of the event by an email from Eventbrite.


Lynette Clemetson - Director (2010 Fellow), Knight-Wallace Fellowships for Journalists, University of Michigan
@lclemetson | http://wallacehouse.umich.edu/knight-wallace/

Teresa Frontado - Digital Director (2016 Knight Wallace Fellow), WLRN
@tfrontado | http://www.wlrn.org

Jon Morgan - Editor (2001 Fellow), Bloomberg News
@jmorganbalt | http://www.bloomberg.com/

Liz McMillen - Editor (1998 Fellow), Chronicle of Higher Education
@lmcmillen | http://www.chronicle.com/