Audience Engagement Through Video: Live, Mobile and More [Midway]

It can be hard to keep up with new ways to rapidly create high quality video pieces. In this session, panelists will discuss how to engage your audience, particularly if you're producing on-the-go via mobile devices or streaming. Additionally, attendees will learn best practices of editing in the field, going live and usefully analyzing engagement. This session will be useful both for content creators and distributors.

Moderator: Lakshmi Sarah, Cofounder of Tiny World Productions and Digital Producer at Fusion

  • Shaheryar Popalzai is a Knight Fellow at International Center for Journalists who has partnered with three Pakistani news organizations to help them produce interactive news stories and the country’s first 360° videos for news.
  • Antonio Bolfo is the CEO of Verse, an interactive video development platform.
  • Will Jamieson is the CEO of, a mobile service that allows you to livestream, connect and subscribe — and share your videos.
  • Chris Demiris is the Co-Founder and CEO of Luma Touch, a full-service video editing platform for the iPad.
  • Benjamin Nowak is the CEO of Cinamaker, a platform that brings multi-camera shooting and on-camera video editing to mobile devices.

  • Please note: This talk is adjacent to the Midway, in Washington Room 6

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