KEYNOTE: When Satire Is the Most Effective Political Coverage

In a truly unprecedented political climate, both journalists and audiences can feel fatigued from day-to-day news coverage. Satirical news shows like The Daily Show and Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, provide a much-needed respite, while AJ+'s NewsBroke and NowThis Politics take a unique angle in informing and entertaining through social video. These teams provide a way to make sense of current events – and the coverage they're given – with a sharp and humorous lens.

Their approach is winning views and engagement, and moreover, is earning audience trust, since comedy can cut through much of the noise. Hear from writers, producers and comedians as they talk about processing daily news coverage in an honest, real-time way with their audiences.


Francesca Fiorentini - Senior Correspondent, Newsbroke, AJ+
@franifio |

Melinda Taub - Writer, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee
@melindataub |


Versha Sharma - Managing Editor, NowThis
@versharma |

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