Dos and Don’ts for Facebook Live

Veteran Facebook Live producers will discuss innovative approaches to creating content — efforts that have gone right, as well as at times comical examples of lessons learned when events didn’t go as expected. We’ll cover preparation for a live stream, interaction with the audience, keeping it captivating and learning from your analytics once your stream has ended.

This session is designed for:

  • Anyone interested in creating livestreams, particularly on Facebook. We’re aiming to share best practices that will benefit practiced producers and newcomers alike.
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    Geoff Dietrich - Executive Producer of News Gathering, AJ+
    @TheGeoffD |

    Brodie Fenlon - Senior Director, Daily News & Bureaus, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
    @brodiefenlon |

    Irene Thomaidis - Senior Producer, CBC News
    @irenethomaidis |

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