Why opinion journalism isn’t fake news [Sponsored - NBC Universal]

From being derided in the press as “hot takes” to being slammed by the president and his supporters as “fake news,” opinion journalism has taken a real reputational hit in the last couple of years. Nevertheless, news organizations have persisted, because opinion journalism at its best can try to bridge the empathy gap, illuminate new ideas, provide expert analysis beyond a couple of quotes in a reported piece and provide unique perspectives on events and situations that can illuminate readers’ own lives.

Our panelists will look at everything from how to deal with opinion journalism in an organization better known for its reporting, what organizations ought to do when promoting opinion work to mitigate the personal impact on writers, how to make opinion journalism work in video and how best to collaborate with non-traditional writers – all in service of the idea that opinion writing is an important form of journalism, not simply journalism-adjacent.


Maria Balinska - Editor and Co-CEO, The Conversation US
@mariabalinska | https://theconversation.com/us

Sarah Glover - Social Media Editor, NBC Owned Television Stations

Elizabeth Rich - Commentary Editor, Education Week
@ehartrich | http://www.edweek.org/


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