Everything about D.C.

Welcome to ONA17 in Washington D.C.!

While you're here for the conference, there are plenty of attractions, restaurants, and events to visit. Explore the area in the map below, provided by Maps4News, and read through all of our additional content about our host city.

6 places near ONA17 for introverts to recharge

This post was written by Lauren Katz, a senior engagement manager for Vox. She previously worked on the social teams for Google Glass and NPR. She believes you miss 100% of the likes on the tweets you don’t send. The Online News Association conference, like any large, multi-day event, is a challenge for introverts. Introversion,…  Read More

All of the parties, events & networking opportunities in one place

Amazing parties, famous media faces, a movie screening and news-rich places. Find it all in this year’s official (and unofficial) party, events and networking round-up. All official ONA17 events are free and open to registered attendees. You’ll need a full conference pass for those, as well as any special presentations. Some events require RSVPs for drink tickets. Unofficial…  Read More

A D.C. native’s tips for visiting the city

This post was written by USA Today Editor and ONA DC leader Jess Estepa Hi ONA17! As a seven-year resident of our nation’s fine capital, I’m excited to welcome you to Washington, D.C. 1. What to pack The weather in D.C. can be a bit unpredictable this time of year. We’re inching toward fall weather…  Read More

5 D.C. bars and restaurants to explore during ONA17 

This post and the extensive accompanying map are by D.C. local Tauhid Chappell, social media producer for the Washington Post. Hello ONA17 attendees and welcome to D.C.! There’s plenty to explore and see in the city during your stay, so capitalize on the time while you can! When you’re not attending sessions, checking out the…  Read More

D.C. dining trends you shouldn’t miss

This post is sponsored by Tow Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism. Join 15 Disruptive Journalism Fellows at ONA17’s Educators Meetup, 3:30 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 6, to discuss ways to invigorate journalism education. Add your voice to our growing online community of change agents. In addition to my work with news and tech partnerships at…  Read More

How to connect with your local digital journalism community at ONA17

We often hear after ONA conferences that folks are inspired to find all the like-minded digital journalists in their communities and keep the camaraderie and learning going all year long. They happen to run into someone who shares a zip code at ONA’s conference and realize they should be getting together more regularly than once…  Read More