Resources from the conference

ONA17 features some of the brightest minds in digital journalism. Here you’ll find all the resources available from the conference. It may take up to two weeks after the conference for all content to be posted.


Session Video Blog Audio Docs
KEYNOTE: Fireside Chat with Medium CEO Ev Williams
KEYNOTE: Trust, Truth and Questions for the Media
KEYNOTE: When Satire Is the Most Effective Political Coverage

Audience Engagement + Analytics

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Make It and Take It Engagement Strategy Workshop
Hacking the Square: Fitting Big Journalism on Instagram
Getting the Most Out of Your Content: Maximizing the Value of Your Journalism with Fewer Resources in a Multi-Platform World [Midway]
New Approaches to Analytics: AI, Eye Tracking and More [Midway]
Maps and More: Engage Your Audience Through Data Visualization [Midway]
Optimizing for Trust in News
The New Engagement Model [Sponsored – Chartbeat]
Discovery and Storytelling with CrowdTangle and Instagram [Sponsored – Facebook]
#TwitterForNews: Optimizing for Reach, Revenue & Innovation [Sponsored]
Table Talks: Audience Engagement + Analytics
[Unconference] Engaging Your Audience With Audience Engagement: Beyond the Buzzword
[Unconference] SEO Meets Journalism: Google News Terms; Fundamentals You Need to Know

Audio, Video, Photo + Immersive

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Dos and Don’ts for Facebook Live
Deep Dive into Immersive Journalism: Learn How, Why, and Best Practices [Midway]
Audience Engagement Through Video: Live, Mobile and More [Midway]
Local Podcasting: Best Practices and New Opportunities for Small Teams
Podcast Search Party: Casting for New Listeners
Journalism 360: Creating Immersive Content on a Shoestring Budget
When Investigative Gets Immersive: Exploring Scientific Storytelling with Journalism 360 [Sponsored – Knight Foundation]
Table Talks: Audio, Video, Photo + Immersive
[Unconference] Pivoting to Video – Why and How?

Business: Revenue + Ethics

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Under the Hood: 5 Takes on Revenue
Fail Fest: Entrepreneur Edition
Under the Hood: Re-Imagining Legacy Newsrooms
The Legal Panel
What Kind of Local News Business Do You Want to Build?
$$$: Emerging Technologies to Monetize Your Content [Midway]
A Conversation With NPR About Ethics: Has a Polarized Climate Changed Journalism? [Sponsored]
Why opinion journalism isn’t fake news [Sponsored – NBC Universal]
YouTube: Building a sustainable video business [Sponsored by Google]
Table Talks: Business: Revenue + Ethics
[Unconference] Who Cares What People Will Read? What Will They Pay For?
We Have the Audience, So Show Us the Money

Career Building

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
The Art of Getting S**t Done
Digital Journalism Insights: Lightning Talks from ONA Board Candidates and VIP Meetup
Under the Hood: Career Advice for The Rest of Us
Hunting, Gathering and Accounting: Freelance Survival Skills
Early-Career Tips From Our MJ Bear Fellows
We're ~Journalists~ Too: Embracing Your New(ish) Newsroom Role
Table Talks: Career Building
No, You're a Lying Werewolf
Wonder Women, Unite! Navigating the Digital Workplace
You're #1: First Timers' Orientation

Developer Tools + Tech

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Thoughtful Testing: How to Ask the Right Questions in A/B Tests
Everything You Need to Code, You Learned in Kindergarten
Ensuring Accessibility For News
Table Talks: Developer Tools + Tech

Mobile Tools + Design

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Building Great Newsletters and Email Tools
Storytelling Beyond the Screens [Sponsored] – Gannett Workshop
What Product and News Designers Can Learn From Each Other
Pushes of Note: Best Practices in Mobile Notifications [Sponsored by Knight Foundation]
Table Talks: Mobile Tools + Design
Stories are the New Story: Making Vertical Content Work

Newsgathering Tools + Techniques

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
Workflow Automation Tools for Newsrooms of Any Size
How Bots are Deepening Relationships with Readers
Government Propaganda and Media Manipulation
Producing Editorial Events Ethically
Under the Hood: Epic Projects for Epic Newsrooms
Expert Interview Advice from David A. Fahrenthold
Innovations in Fact-Checking Your Government
Newsworthy! The Results of the First Global Study on Newsroom Tech and Reception
Under the Hood: IRE Takeover on Data Tricks and Tactics
Lightning Talks
Sharing Data and Insights for More Engaging Local Journalism
Small Changes That Made a Big Difference in Local Newsrooms
ICFJ and Vox Media present: Steal My Tool [Midway]
Find Information Better: New Ways to Research and Access Information [Midway]
Digital Interaction with News: How to Use AI and Bots in Your Newsroom [Midway]
Under the Hood: Connecting Our Polarized Communities
Under the Hood: Innovative Projects with Small Teams
Fact Checking: One Year Into the Fact Check Markup, and Just Getting Started [Sponsored – Google]
Creating and Capturing Value on Facebook [Sponsored]
All Journalism Starts Local – Making it Count [Sponsored – Google]
Table Talks: Newsgathering Tools + Techniques
10 Tech Trends in Journalism: 10th Anniversary Edition!
Building Trust in Online Communities
[Unconference] Investigating Corruption and Organized Crime With Open Data

Teaching + Training

Session Video Blog Audio Docs
So You Want to Teach in Academia?
Table Talks: Teaching + Training
Creating the Next Generation of Product Thinkers
Playful Tech in the J-School Classroom